Finnish Haidong Gumdo Association

Finnish Haidong Gumdo Association strives to spread the knowledge of Haidong Gumdo all over Finland, organize Haidong Gumdo training on basic, intermediate and instructor level courses and to support the Finnish national Haidong Gumdo team in competitions. The association has three brances, Helsinki, Helsinki University and Mikkelin.

The chairman and headmaster of Finnish Haidong Gumdon association is Kauko Metsähovi, who acts as the main instructor of Helsinki branches. He also holds a seat in the European Haidong Gumdo Federations executive council.

The Finnish Haidong Gumdo Association can be found at and it will be overseeing the Haidong Gumdo Training on the country level.

Haidong Gumdo Helsinki Ry

Haidong Gumdo Helsinki Association was founded to handle the Haidong Gumdo and Kudokwan-Hapkido training in the Helsinki area on behalf of the Finnish Haidong Gumdo Association.